Best Hangbag Investment

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I have a great investment for you and it's not in an index fund. It's called a Chanel bag. The classic Chanel bags not only hold their value but also consistently gain in value as the years go on; this is because Chanel raises prices about every 6-12 months. The bag you buy today will be more expensive in a year and exponentially more as the years go on. I bought my mini square this January as a gift to myself after a year of hard work in 2017. I tried to buy it in the boutique and was told it could take years to get it off the waiting list, but luckily I found it on The RealReal for $2,500. Before you think, "WHAT $2,500 for a bag?" you should know that this bag retails now for $3,200 and the lady at Chanel told me it's going up to $3,500 for the cruise collection. In a mere 9 months, my bag is now worth $1,000 more than I paid for it. I will probably hold onto it for future daughters, but if I change my mind in a couple years I can surely sell for thousands more than I paid. Have I convinced you yet to invest in Chanel?