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Welcome to THE TELL//BY THRIFT & TELL: a celebration of fashionable women who dress as smart as they shop.

This week’s guest on THE TELL// is Alex Williamson, Chief Brand Officer at Bumble. As many of you know I love a lady with conviction, and Alex meets the world with both style and a point of view. She, and the rest of the Bumble leadership team, work tirelessly to encourage women to be confident and to be proactive in their lives: whether that is in dating, business, or friendship. Alex proves that being an advocate for women does not mean you cannot also embrace and love fashion and self expression. (Any suggestion to the contrary drives me mad!). Even when she is in Bumble swag Alex’s style is feminine, funky, and fun, and she mixes highs and lows with vintage treasures (and some from her mom’s closet) to create her confident aesthetic. I am thrilled to have such a talent be part of this series and am grateful to Alex and her team for supporting Thrift & Tell. Enjoy!

Alex Williamson The Tell By Thrift & Tell Interview

//Your style in 3 words: Playful, refined, reformed bohemian. Ok, so four words.

//Staple Outfit: Jeans, a t-shirt, and a great shoe. Otherwise, I’m in a statement dress.

//Style Icon(s): Audrey Hepburn, I used to dress like her as a little girl. I also love Amal Clooney’s style.

//Your First Big Purchase: Balenciaga moto bag from Barney’s, linen and leather.

//Do You Still Have It? Hell yes!

//Best Fashion Advice You Ever Received: If you don’t feel comfortable or confident in it, don’t wear it. I would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt if the other options don’t feel like me. Don’t be afraid to dress out of trend if it makes you feel good. Unless it is jeans from the early 2000s -do not wear boot cut, lowrise, white stitched denim.

//Types of clothing you invest in: Jeans and heels. If it’s something I’ll have forever, I would rather invest.

//Types of clothing you save on: Basic t-shirts, I love Gap ones.

//Your greatest extravagance: Having my hair and makeup done for an event, feels so pampering.

//Brands That Will Stand the Test of Time: Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang


//Favorite High Street Brands: Aritzia, Zara

//Favorite Designer Brands:  Zimmerman, Veronica Beard

//Favorite High-Low Brands to Mix: Levi’s jacket with a Chanel bag

//Favorite Places to Shop Consignment: If consignment is my mom’s closet, then yes! @themiddlepageblog Thanks, Mom!

//Favorite Places to Consign Your Own Closet: Moss in Austin, TX

//Currently Collecting Dust in the Back of your Closet: Cocktail dresses and ballgowns; living in Austin I wear all my nice heels with more casual outfits.

//Your Closet Tried and Trues: Frame jeans, little black dresses, jewelry from @opalmilk

//Best investment you ever made in your style: Trusting my own instincts and taste.

//Style Choice From Your Past That Haunts You: Wearing white stitched bootcut True Religion denim with band tees way past their prime. Just because something still fits you, doesn’t mean you need to wear it. Thank god for friends who tell you to stop.

//“It seemed like a good idea at the time” a.k.a Purchase you most regret: Boxed black hair dye from CVS.

//Closet From Which You Would Like to Borrow: Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth.

//Last Time You Splurged? Marchesa emerald chiffon off the shoulder ballgown for New Years 2018. Burned a hole in it within 15 minutes.

//Currently Saving Your Pennies For: My next tattoo.

//A Deal for the History Books/Your T&T Personal Best: A YSL bag in Munich on sale.

Alex Williamson The Tell By Thrift & Tell Interview

Alex Williamson The Tell By Thrift & Tell Interview

//Advice to someone looking to define their own style: Don’t worry what other people think about you, just you do you boo.

 //Trend you wish would go way? Men wearing flip flops with jeans.

//You feel great. What are you wearing? A hotel room bathrobe.

//Occasions when you splurge: Any event that will be a once in a lifetime memory.

//Occasions when you save: Travel outfits because I always wear Bumble merch.

//Most prized possession: My childhood teddy bear and my grandmother’s heirlooms.

//Home Decor Style: Refined bohemian.

//Favorite place to hunt for home decor: John Willow, One Kings Lane

//Go-to for unique items, whether it be clothing, accessories, home or art: Anthropologie, eBay, vintage from One Kings Lane, Uptown Modern in ATX, Shop Beatnik in Dallas, TX

//Your fashion motto: Don’t save it for a special occasion, wear it now. Every day is a special occasion.

//Your life motto: Make the first move... every damn day.

Fill in the blank:

//A woman should invest in- herself, her wellbeing, and her mental health. //You’re never too old to— wear anything as long as you feel confident. //A woman can never have too much— confidence and natural skin care. //Bury me in- a bowl of queso. // True or False: More is More- True. //Fashion is- whatever you want it to be. //Style: unabashedly dressing for you.

Currently Loving:

//Music: Big Wild - Superdream

//Print: Bumble magazine!

//Food: Cacio e pepe even though I’m supposed to be gluten and dairy free

//Drink: CBD water from Creation in LA

//Film: AFI shorts

//TV: Schitt’s Creek

//Podcast: The Remedy by Tova Sido

//Instagram Handle: @__nitch, @overheardla, @arianadanielleson

//Designer: Brother Vellies

Alex Williamson The Tell By Thrift & Tell Interview

Alex Williamson The Tell By Thrift & Tell Interview


Alex Williamson is Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer. She majored in Cinema-Television at SMU, where she discovered her love of content creation. Having a variety of experience with film and production, Alex began managing social media for Bumble in October 2014 and worked her way into her current position with an unwavering passion for the company’s mission and a strong belief in the brand. Williamson helps empower Bumble users and brings Bumble CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd’s innovative ideas to life. Alex communicates this vision with the Bumble community through voice, content, social media, and customer service. Alex was named to Brand Innovators’ “Women to Watch” list for 2018 and has been featured in national news outlets like The New York Times, CNN and Bustle.




Photos used courtesy of Bumble.