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The next guest on THE TELL// is Grace Atwood of The Stripe. What I appreciate about Grace is that, like many of us, she loves a great deal! Her recent guide to buying your first Chanel bag is a must read, whether you are a Chanel novice or pro. (I may have to do my own addendum to that someday soon!) Many of you messaged me asking to interview Grace, so I am so happy to have her be part of this series. As the former Director of Social Media for Baublebar, Grace now devotes her time to her podcast and sharing her love of fashion and beauty with her devoted fans. Enjoy!

Interview with The Stripe- Grace Atwood in all Black Leather outfit in brooklyn in street style

//Your style in 3 words: easy, uncomplicated, happy

//Staple Outfit: mini dress, black tights, booties, camel coat

//Style Icon(s): serena van der woodsen

//Your First Big Purchase: a Gucci purse!

//Do You Still Have It? Yes!

//Best Fashion Advice You Ever Received: If you love something, like really love it, buy it in every color.

//Types of clothing you invest in: Coats, bags, shoes, jewelry.

//Types of clothing you save on: T-shirts, dresses, anything trendy

//Your greatest extravagance: M little collection of Chanel bags.

//Brands That Will Stand the Test of Time: Chanel, Acne, Rebecca Taylor, any great denim

//Favorite High Street Brands: Topshop, Madewell

//Favorite Designer Brands:  Vince, Gucci, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Rebecca Taylor

 //Favorite High-Low Brands to Mix: Anything goes – usually you’ll find me in an inexpensive outfit with a nice bag and shoes.

//Favorite Places to Shop Consignment: The RealReal, A Current Affair in Brooklyn.

//Favorite Places to Consign Your Own Closet: Crossroads

//Currently Collecting Dust in the Back of your Closet: My collection of black tie dresses – I need a fancy party!

//Your Closet Tried and Trues: Big cozy sweaters, high waisted skinny jeans, any and all re/done denim.

//Best investment you ever made in your style: Not style but getting a keratin treatment twice a year. It’s changed my hair.

The Stripe- Grace Atwood

Grace Atwood- The Stripe- Chanel Handbag, Blazer and Jeans In Brooklyn

//Style Choice From Your Past That Haunts You: Wearing all the things. Too many colors and trends all at once!

//“It seemed like a good idea at the time” a.k.a Purchase you most regret: A pink velvet Chanel bag bought at the airport. Oops.

//Closet From Which You Would Like to Borrow: Krystal Bick

//Last Time You Splurged? A new chair from Design within Reach

//Currently Saving Your Pennies For: My next trip.

//A Deal for the History Books/Your T&T Personal Best: A Saint Laurent dress at a vintage shop for $300. Pristine condition.

//Advice to someone looking to define their own style: Think about what you feel best in and make that your uniform.


//Trend you wish would go way? Small sunglasses

//You feel great. What are you wearing? A tunic sweater or blouse, jeans, and sky high heels. And a cool earring.

//Occasions when you splurge: A big event

//Occasions when you save: Everyday life

//Most prized possession: My cat but otherwise my classic black Chanel 2.55 bag

//Home Decor Style: Mid century modern meets glam with curse words peppered in.

//Favorite place to hunt for home decor: 1st Dibs

//Go-to for unique items, whether it be clothing, accessories, home or art: Chairish

//Your fashion motto: Wear what makes you happy.

//Your life motto: “Be so good they can’t ignore you” -Steve Martin

Grace Atwood- The Stripe

Grace Atwood- The Stripe

Fill in the blank:

//A woman should invest in- Whatever she wants. //You’re never too old to—Change your mind. //A woman can never have too many— Shoes . //Bury me in- My favorite pajamas. It’s going to be a long nap. // True or False: More is More- True //Fashion is- Silly. Don’t follow trends or dress for other people. //Style: Eternal.

Currently Loving:

//Music: Steve Miller anything

//Print: Subtle leopard

//Food: Truffle everything

//Drink: White negroni

//Film: A Star is Born

//TV: The Blacklist

//Podcast: Bad On Paper” DUH (my podcast)

//Instagram Handle: @sarashakeel

//Designer: Vince



Grace Atwood is the founder + voice behind The Stripe. She is also the co-host of podcast, Bad on Paper. Currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Grace grew up on Cape Cod, which she credits for her love of the ocean (and probably a nautical stripe or two). The blog began in January of 2010 (originally Stripes & Sequins), born out of a love of fashion, beauty, and making.

Prior to running the site full time, Grace was the director of social media for BaubleBar. Before that, she worked in marketing for Procter & Gamble and Coty. She has spoken about social media and blogging at panels for Internet Week, ShopStyle, General Assembly, and IFB. Outside of work, Grace’s passions include food, wine, art, film, her Persian cat Tyrion Lannister Cream Puff, and exploring everything New York has to offer.




The Stripe- Grace Atwood

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