• Everyday I post curated designer deals for you to shop.

  • You can shop them in two places: on my website and on my instagram stories

  • Each item I post on instagram stories has a swipe up feature that will link you to the retailer or to my website. You will know that there is a swipe up if in the lower portion of the screen there is a upward facing carrot with “see more” below.

  • If you want the best selection, you should look first on my website . I post only a handful of finds on instagram stories daily. I also recommend bookmarking this page and checking periodically if you want first dibs. (I have a full time job so my website is what gets updated before instagram).

  •  I post both brand new finds as well as consignment. Most consignment pieces are in new or like new condition. If an item is brand new I will call that out. You can learn more about condition etc. By going to the actual listing (link here)

  •  Almost all of what I post is from online retailers. I do not own the product but rather am sharing the deal for you to take advantage of. I am not a full time reseller.

  •  I am not sponsored by anyone. I just post what I like and think is a good deal.

  • Depending on the site, I do receive a small commission if you purchase using my link. I put that towards building out my site and making it even easier to shop, so I appreciate your support (and luckily it costs you nothing!)

  • I will often post items from The RealReal’s first look program. If you’re not a first look member, the item will say “not available”. That does NOT mean it is sold out, but rather not yet available for public purchase. If you upgrade, you can purchase immediately or wait and hope it doesn’t sell out before. You can learn more here.

  • Occasionally I will sell from my own closet on my instagram stories but will explicitly call that out.

  • In fairness to everyone, I don't post individual followers items. All my posts are either from reputable online retailers or my own personal closet.

  • In addition to designer deals I also post high street, affordable finds here.

  • I also post lots of resources on how to make money by reselling here.

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