Your Guide to Selling on Fashionphile

As many of you know, I traditionally have sold on Tradesy and Poshmark. However, I decided to give Fashionphile a try, after I had trouble reselling a pair of brand new Saint Laurent Zoe Pumps that I purchased on The RealReal via my traditional reselling sites. I detail the steps below, but I am happy to report that working with Fashionphile was great and virtually painless. I found the process straight forward, and they were transparent with pricing, so I knew before I even sent the shoes in how much money I would receive. What I loved is that, since it is a buyout, I got paid almost immediately regardless of what the shoes eventually sell for. The best news is that I broke even on the pumps and now have space in my closet (and money in my pocket) to find a new fun pair of shoes. Happy selling!


1) Submit a request for consignment with Fashionphile: via their website or app. Send detailed photos. Note: they are very picky so don't try to sell your beat up items with them.

TIME FRAME: Takes about 3-5 business days to hear back.

2) They will give you a quote with a buyout price, valid for 30 days. My understanding is they don’t do much consignment, but rather buy out. I honestly prefer that. Just give me the money!

3) They send you a free shipping label for you to send the items to them. I sent in a box I already had and wrapped the shoes up nicely.

TIME FRAME : It took about 1 week for my item to reach their California location. I received an email when they arrived. Two days later, after authentication, they issued a check for $300.

4) The end!


How much commission do they take?

They give you a straight forward buyout price. You get 70% of the sale price. Handbags priced over $3,000 you will receive 85% of the portion of the selling price above $3,000.

How do I get started?

Submit a quote request via their website or app. I recommend being as thorough as possible with photos and condition to avoid wasting everyone’s time.

How long does it take to get a quote?

I would allow about 3-5 business days to get a quote. Typically, they give a buy out quote. That means the quote is to pay you upfront for the item.

Who determines the condition of the item?

You submit photos online and describe the item. If the item is not as described when they receive the item, the quoted price may decrease. I was very explicit in my description of my item and received the quoted price. I have found that they really only accept brand new or like new pieces. This is especially true of shoes.

Will they give you more than quoted, once they receive the item?

No. The price quoted can only go down if the quality is not as pictured. It won’t go up.

Can you negotiate the quoted price?

The price quoted is firm, so don’t waste your time. Either take it or leave it!

How long does it normally take to sell an item?

Don’t worry about it! They pay you outright.

How did you package to ship? They’re not specific on what to pack it in.

I packaged in tissue and bubble wrap in a box. I wanted to minimize any possible damage in transit. I put in a box I already had at my house.

What do they accept?

I recommend checking out their website specifically, but generally they accept new or like new designer bags, accessories and shoes. They don’t accept clothing nor do they accept non-designer items.

Do they cover shipping to them?

Yes. You can chose to ship via UPS or Fedex.

How does it compare to selling with The RealReal?

The RealReal works on a consignment method, meaning you get a percentage of what the item sells for. They have different commission rates depending on the item as well as how many things you’ve consigned with them. I recommend going to their website for more details on their structure.

How long after a sale does it take to get paid?

They pay you upfront when they receive the item and accept it. It does not have to sell on their site to get paid. They send payment via check.