Cream Patent Chanel Ballet Flats


I am often asked, “where do you find everything you post on T&T?” As you will see from the list below, I really hunt all over the place. Here are some of my favorite spots:

Nude Chanel Flats with Kendra Scott Earrings and Grey Hermes Enamel Bangles


A key part of T&T is selling! Thrift & Tell is definitely not all about buy, buy, buy and I never want it to be. (I have recently had to unfollow a lot of “influencers” whose feeds now feel like infomercials!) I strongly encourage you to frequently look at your closet, edit thoroughly, and sell all the pieces that are simply no longer bringing you joy! Once you start selling, you will feel less guilty letting go and it will give you money to reinvest in items that you love, or pay off your student loans, or travel the world or do whatever makes you happy! I have had success selling on:

Other resale sites used by many followers (I just haven’t yet)