Have you always loved fashion?

Yes- I have loved fashion since I was a little girl in my “party shoes.” From a very early age, my mother let me dress myself. Each morning, I would put together an outfit and by the end of the day, much to my mother’s chagrin, I had changed three times. I loved mixing and matching and to this day have a ball trying to make new outfits of what is in my closet. Some of the outfits I wore as a child were interesting but my mom maintains that letting me dress myself gave me the freedom to express myself and define my personal style (she’s right).

Why did you start Thrift & Tell?

Frankly, it was an accident! I woke up one morning with the name in my head and loved the play on “kiss and tell.” For whatever reason, people seem shy to share when they get a good deal. I think perhaps they feel embarrassed to admit they cannot afford to pay retail for a Chanel bag or that they are not rich and spending money with wild abandon. I have always and will always love finding a good deal and instead think of it as a badge of honor. When someone says “I love those Manolos,” my immediate response is “thank you they were 70% off!” (My mom frequently says, ‘you know you can just say thank you…”) I started Thrift & Tell to flip the taboo of bargain shopping on its head and, instead of being embarrassed, celebrate it.

Thrift & Tell has grown organically into a fun way to share my love of the hunt and tips for consignment (both selling and buying). I absolutely love doing it and nothing makes me happier than seeing you in your T&T finds or hearing that T&T inspired you to sell your clothes and make money. #onlyfoolspayretail

What were your first pair of designer shoes?

My mother very kindly bought me the iconic Chanel cream-black cap toes ballet flats for my sweet 16. In my excitement to wear them, I did not notice that they were a bit too small for me. I then felt guilty for I am not kidding 10 years, because I could not wear them. They were just too small! When I got into consignment in my mid- twenties, I sold them on Tradesy for exactly what my mom paid, and my Irish guilt was lifted. (Related Note: They were $460 in 2003; they are now $750.)

Are you a full time reseller?

No! Most of the items that I post in my stories are deals that I find online. I am not selling them myself, but rather sharing the deal with you so you can take advantage of it! I love hunting and find good deals all the time, but cannot feasibly purchase everything I see, so it is fun for me to see others enjoy the deal. And yes, I have a normal, day job!

How can I shop your Instagram stories?

You can now swipe up to shop individual Instagram story posts. If you want to browse ALL of my finds I recommend shopping on the Shop My Finds tab. I don’t have time to post every single find, so that is the best place to not miss a single listing.

Note: If you a listing from The RealReal says “unavailable” it is not sold out. It’s part of the first look program. Learn more here.

Are the items you post in your Instagram feed for sale?

With a few exceptions, the items that I post in my feed (not Instagram stories) are from my personal collection and not for sale. I love to share my great finds with you and, if applicable, share where you can find them too!

I want to shop your closet. How do I do that?

Sure! You can certainly shop my closet. You can purchase through Tradesy, Poshmark, or directly through me. Purchasing direct through me is often cheaper, since I do not have to pay a commission to the site! The sales are final though, so I work with you to provide pictures, videos etc. to be sure you are 100% sure before purchase.

How do you know if something is real or fake?

Determining authenticity gets harder and harder as fakes get more sophisticated, but I am pretty good at spotting fakes frankly because I am observant and have just seen enough bags, shoes etc. to spot when an item looks off. I also only purchase from sites that I trust. As a general rule: if the price seems too good to be true, it is probably fake. If when asked the seller “is not sure” of authenticity or “got as a gift and thinks it’s authentic” RUN! I have sold hundreds of items and know each and every item is authentic. I have never been wishy washy about the authenticity of the items I am selling.

I have a closet full of clothes and no idea how to sell them. Can you help?

Yes! I have a paid service that will help you understand what to sell, where to sell, and what to donate. I can promise you, no matter if you wear Old Navy or Oscar de La Renta, you have money hanging in your closet. If you’re interested in learning more, please Contact me.