Tips for Selling on Poshmark

Poshmark is admittedly not an intuitive platform. I opened a Poshmark account only because Tradesy would not let me sell my empty designer shoe boxes anymore! While I still find Poshmark to be annoying, I mainly like it because everything post sale (shipping & payment) is so easy. Below are some tips to get started. I also recommend reading my Closet Clean Out Tips and Reselling FAQs.. Happy selling!


  • I recommend taking clean photos that are well lit (take them in the morning)

  • Iron your items. No one wants to buy a crumpled up shirt!

  • BE HONEST. That is my number one piece of advice. If you aren’t truthful about the imperfections on your item, it will come back to bite you in the proverbial you know what.

  • I am extremely explicit when listing, for example “This is extremely well loved. The soles need to be redone. Priced to sell.”

  • For whatever reasons, people think you will trade with them. Often these proposed trades are laughable; for example I had someone offer me their closet of Bebe clothes in exchange for a Chanel bag. I write NO TRADES in the listing to at least try to deter people from asking.

  • You unfortunately cannot direct message someone on Poshmark, so all communication is public and happens on the listings.


  • Buyers can submit offers to you. You can haggle with them and once you finally accept the offer, it immediately processes as a sale.

  • Poshmark is filled with cheapskates. PERIOD.

  • You will get ridiculously low offers. I will either reject them or come back with the price I listed it at.

  • If someone continually puts in low balll offers despite you rejecting them, you can block the buyer. I have only had to do this once.


  • Poshmark has “parties” every day with different themes.

  • I frankly don’t know how the parties really work, but I’ve been told it helps sell.

  • I definitely don’t share to all parties, just share if I happen to be on the app and notice a party.


  • Once your item sells, you get an email from Poshmark with a pre-paid USPS label.

  • You can ship in a free USPS box. You can get them at the post office or have USPS send a bundle of boxes to you/

  • Some Poshmark sellers go all out with packaging. I don’t really. I save the tissue paper I get in packages and reuse. I do include a note thanking them for their purchase and explicitly asking them to rate me 5 stars. (Having a high rating, helps to sell more!)


  • The buyer has 3 days from date of delivery to “accept” the order

  • After 3 days, your funds are released. This is much faster than Tradesy that holds onto your funds for weeks!


  • About two times, someone has filed a complaint stating the listing I posted was not as described. This is 99% of the time the person’s attempt to return something that does not fit. My most recent was a woman saying it was not a size 4, when the tag was size 4.

  • In general I take issue with people buy things 90% off and then complain it is not new. There is nothing you can do to stop that; it’s just the hazard of selling online.


  • Poshmark has an ambassador program with a list of particular criteria you must meet. (The one I really can’t stomach is they want you to share other people’s listings 5,000 times. )

  • I can’t really figure out what the benefit truly is, so being an ambassador is not something I’m prioritizing at this time.

Overall, I would say I participate about 50% in the Poshmark “game”. There are hard core Poshmark people (they even have an annual conference!) that flip thrift store finds for a living. There are lots of blogs/resources online so I also recommend just googling Poshmark + whatever you have a questions about and you’ll likely find tons of information. Happy Selling!