T&T Cobbler Recommendations

Vintage designer bags can be a great place to find value. Brands like Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton have been around for decades and there so many unique silhouttes as well as classic styles available in vintage. Sometimes, however, you will find a beautiful bag, but it has seen better days, to put it lightly. Don’t give up on the bag! It just needs some TLC.

A great example of this came from one of my wonderful followers, Brinkley. She found a beautiful Chanel bag on the Thrift & Tell story for $850. It needed a bit of love, but she had a cobbler in her home town of Highland Park, Texas that for $45 was able to completely refresh the bag (see below!). It was her first Chanel and her 25th birthday present to herself. Nothing makes me happier than a woman buying herself Chanel, at a great price, through the Thrift & Tell story!


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Feel free to comment below if you have additional recommendations of great places to send your bags and shoes!

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