T&T Splurge Guides

A follower recently asked me to list out investment pieces by price point. We are all working with different budgets and it is helpful to have a sense of things to save up towards within your own range. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully helps as you decide to start skipping the Starbucks line and saving up towards something special.

$250 or less

Hermes Scarf: A classic for any woman. These are not particularly popular right now, but use that to your advantage to snag one for around $250. They’re chic and look good on everyone, whether you are 20 or 90. If you find one that is beautiful but very worn (and inexpensive), the Hermes scarves can also double as art framed on your wall!

Tortoise Sunglasses: A staple in your bag. Tip to avoid losing them: Keep the case in your bag and when you take them off, do not leave them on the table, counter etc. Always put them back in your case. That will help you not only keep track of them but also ensure they don’t get scratched!

Cashmere Sweaters: A gorgeous sweater will keep you warm and cozy for years (as long as the moths don’t get to it!)

Classic Blazer: The great thing about a blazer is you can wear it for more formal events, but also with a white t-shirt and jeans.

Manolo Blahnik BBs: You can find great deals on these classic pumps. I find them several times a week, often brand new.

Fun Bag: I love these Parker Thatch bags. They’re not (yet) ubiquitous and can be customized, which I love.


Chanel Card Wallet: Whether you use as your primary wallet (I do), or for evening clutches, I highly recommend. I’ve had mine for almost four years and it is still holding up like a champ.

Hermes Enamel Bangle: No matter your overall style, these bangles are beautiful, classic, and subtle. They also resell very well if you ever grow tired of it!

Hermes Leather Bracelets: There are lots to choose from, but I particularly like the Extreme Kelly. I have a number of Rivale Double Tours as well as the Kelly Double Tour too!

Chanel Flats: the best shoe you can own. Like the Hermes scarf, something that looks good on women of all ages, shapes, and styles!

$500 to $1000

Gold Jewelry: Every woman needs some classic gold in her closet. It will not go out of style and can be passed down generation to generation.

Hermes Collier De Chien: I love these bracelets and think they scream “dont f*$@ with me.”

Gucci Slides: Ok. These may not be around forever, but I see these hanging around for a while.


Chanel Wallet on Chain: While retail is $2,500, this price range is reasonable for a second hand Chanel like this or this.

Lady Dior Bag: I love these bags and you can certainly find some second hand in this range. If you want one a bit more jazzy, you will creep up into the 3k range.


Hermes Evelyne: This is a great, roomy bag. I particuarly like it in Etain, as pictured here.

Chanel Quilted Flap: A classic and something that will only go up. Additional thoughts here.

A Great Watch: I believe every woman should buy herself a watch at some point in her life. I would recommend a Rolex like this or this or a Cartier like this or this or this. (I could go on and on in this area and will do separate post one day!) Nice watches are not inexpensive, but with some smart saving, I am confident that every woman can one day afford one. (If you saved one single dollar everyday for 10 years, you’d have a watch! Sure that is a long time, but $1 is doable!) Plus, you will wear it every day, so the cost per wear is very low.

Diamonds Earrings: A gorgeous, simple pair of diamond earrings will stand the test of time.

Hermes Kelly: A classic bag that, if you search vintage, you can find for less than 5k.

You Deserve It

Get a big job promotion or win the lottery? Here are some super splurge items.

Tiffany & Co. Hardware Bracelet - I absolutely love this bracelet. It is chunky and with its architectural inspiration is something to love for years.

Bvlgari Tubogas watch  - Chic, chic, chic.

Cartier Juste Un Clou: If I were to pick between this and the Love bracelet, I would get this hands down.

Anita Ko anything I love this jewelry line so much.

When I am rich and famous, this watch will be mine In the words of Kim Zolciak, “ask, believe, receive”… right?

Van Cleef Bangle: This is on the possible contenders for a 35th or 40th birthday present to myself.

This list just scratches the surface and there are plenty of other great investment pieces. I will add more, as I have time! What investment pieces do you love? Comment below!