T&T Athleisure Picks

As a rule, I do not spend money on work out clothes. I know that I will get tons of messages saying, “but I love my Lululemon leggings!” and, trust me, I get it! There are plenty of lovely, high-quality options at Lululemon, Outdoor Voices etc. and if that is where you want to spend your money by all means go for it. I support it. However, for me, the quality of $12 Old Navy compression leggings is too good to justify $90 lulus. Like many of you, I do not have unlimited funds to shop (and we all know I love to shop!) so I have to pick and choose where I spend. For me, the choice is simple: I’d much rather have a Hermes bangle than head-to-toe fancy work out clothes. It’s just that easy. On top of that, there are FABULOUS, inexpensive options that are performant while still making you look great. I exclusively get my work out clothes at Target, Old Navy, and Gap , but if you have other great options feel free to comment or message me.. Here are some of my picks below: