A Germaphobe's Guide To Shopping Consignment

A follower recently asked, “aren’t you a germaphobe? How can you buy second hand things?” This made me laugh out loud; it is an extremely valid question! I am a germaphobe! I like to think I’m not a total lunatic, but definitely have my “quirks,” including but limited to: putting all my shoes in dust bags in my suitcase, not sitting on my bed in “street clothes,” and wiping down the airplane tray table. Given this, it may seem funny that I so openly embrace second-hand fashion.

My mentality is this: would you take hand me downs from your mom or friend? Of course! Then how is that any different buying consignment? Unless you think the world is filled with sloths consigning their luxury pieces, you can safely assume you’re buying from other well-adjusted, hygiene- loving women. I hope this helps shift your mindset a bit, if you were hesitant to shop consignment. If I can do it, you can too! Happy shopping.

When buying second hand shoes, I only buy lightly worn or never worn shoes. When I get them, I clean them by using a little alcohol and wiping down the insoles. I then move on and enjoy my shoes. I mean what is the absolute worst that could happen? You’d get a wart? I am willing to take that risk for 80% off Chanel. Something “bad” happening is incredibly unlikely; I’d frankly be more concerned about the cleanliness of the floor at your pilates/yoga studio than second hand Louboutins.


Most clothes can be washed (you can wash them twice if you’re very concerned) and/or dry cleaned! I’ve had great success with consigned jeans (they really do not hold their value for whatever reason so you can get AG, Mother, and other designer jeans for $40 instead of $200+).


Now there are some things I would not buy consignment and mostly because they’re impossible to truly clean.

  • Gucci Princetowns with the fur (fake fur and sweat is too much for me to handle.)

  • Barbour Waxed Jacket- you can’t really clean them so it just freaks me out.

  • Fur- see above (don’t hold me to that one because I am sure a very cool vintage fur would make me forget this rule.)

  • Lululemon- I know it’s washable but the way people profusely sweat, I just can’t. I prefer to just buy my Old Navy work out clothes that never fail me!